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Chaplain Lambert is available for Church Consulting and Coaching, Church Growth Seminars, Evangelistic Outreach, and Christian Concerts.
Donations to this ministry are tax deductible. Your donations help make it possible for us to serve churches that have little or no finances. There is not a church that is too small or too poor for us to try to make a way to help them. If they can't help pay traveling expenses we have to limit our travel to within 400 miles of our office in Dolan Springs, AZ at this time, though. Thank you for your help!
These are some of the churches, associations and events that Life Passage Ministries has had the privilege to work with in Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington State, and Arizona.
We strive to help families, adults, teens, children and churches reach their potential in their relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Life Passage Ministries
From the cradle to the grave preparing for eternity
Psalm 22:9  
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